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[:Saturday 17th:]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Dear Reader,

    What  I want to know is.. Why can't we be friends? You know I'm talking about You and it pisses me off more than anything that you put a lot of effort into being friends with everyone else. But when it comes to me, You don't even bother, and, I'd like to think I, at one point, meant something to you.  Apparenty what we shared meant nothing though...


glitter me piink.

[:Saturday 4th:]
[ mood | flirty ]

Sorry guys, long time since my last update.

Things couldn't be better though. School is actually not that bad. I started babysitting two weeks ago on Mondays and Wednesdays and made some cash. I started tanning because God knows i need it lol. I got accepted to URI and UMass Dartmouth so far.. And well, my friends are AWESOME. lol

i don't think anything else is really new. I'm pretty much just.. happy. :D


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[:Sunday 11th:]
I'm over it. kthxbye.
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[:Thursday 1st:]
There aren't many things that make me happy, but you are definately one of them. ;)

Oh, and i love getting goodnight text messages every night. :D

you're way cuter than i remember.

< 3333
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[:Sunday 6th:]
i dont think yesterday could have been any more of a depressing day.

R.I.P 11/05/05 <3

you, both, will not be forgotten.
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[:Monday 31st:]
well that was by far the best halloween party i've ever been to. :D
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[:Wednesday 12th:]
"you call me up,
wanting to know,
where i am, and
when i'm coming home.
Well i do not know
right now, when i'm
coming back, got a lot
to do, cut me some slack."
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[:Monday 10th:]
my friends are ridiculously awesome.


< 333
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[:Tuesday 4th:]
ha ha

glitter me piink.

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